About Jonrose Group

Mission Statement: Dedicated to the advancement of information technology knowledge through professional training and consulting.   

  • Group of professionals engaged in Information Technology Training and Consulting
  • Training Information Technology IT professionals:
  • Assist with Job Transition 
  • Flexible Training (Week end and Week days)
  • One on One customized training 
  • We assume ZERO knowledge of computers prior to starting this training. Call for more details. 
  • Target Population: Entry Level professionals and Mid-Level professionals

Areas of Training

IT Security Analyst/ Cyber Security Analyst

  • This training will jumpstart your career into the promising world of IT Security and Cyber Security.We will introduce you to the core principles of Security and give you the skill sets to function in the real world.Hands on training will cover all the fundamental skills required from identification of issues through response and recovery operations.We assume ZERO knowledge of computers prior to starting this training.Call for more details

Unix/Oracle DBA

  • Fundamantal training in core unix administration. This will cover all components essental for an Oracle DBA to work n a unix environment. 
  • Hands on training to monitor and manage a unix environment.Additional material will be provided for unix certification as needed.
  • We ofer hands on training for the Oracle Database Adminstrator. This will cover the essential lanaguages required to query and manipulate an oracled database. You will also learn how to manage an oracle data base with real world examples. 
  • We assume ZERO knowledge of computers prior to starting this training.Call for more details.
  • Training in PEGA PRPC Architecture

  • PEGA is a leading business project management (BPM) software widely used in the banking, insurance and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Trainees, will learn how to model business processes, model organisations, integrate systems of records, and report on work.
  • Learn how to modify Workflow
  • Customer Relation Management
  • Manage IT Projects
  • Perform business analysis and requirement gathering
  • Check indeed.com for typical jobs and salary
  • Trainer: PEGA Consultant with more than 15 years IT industry experience

    Information Systems Analyst:


    • Ten Weeks of training (Over 60 hours)
    • This is cross platform training: (different computer systems)
    • Manage computer systems;
    • Manage Unix (AIX); Linux (Redhat) and Windows Server Systems;
    • Introduce Concepts of Business Analysis and Project Management
    • Design and implement a network during training
    • Assist in resume preparation
    • Perform mock interviews
    • Assignment each week
    • The goal is to acquire diversified skills
    • Course overview available during orientation
    • Remote access to Lab during training
    • Assistance in server installation during training
    • Target is certification and job opportunities.
    • Typical certifications: AIX Associate, AIX Administrator, RHSCA, Windows Server
    • Check indeed.com for typical jobs and salary
    • Trainer: Information Security Consultant with more than 15 years of IT industry experience


    • Network design and implementation
    • Computer network Security and Monitoring
    • Vulnerability Assessment
    • Penetration Testing
    • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity
    • Community Outreach: We partner with organizations that provide community services